Patient-Centered Medicine and the Struggle to Survive Obamacare

By Keith Jackson (November 19, 2014)

As we near some sort of attempt at compromise regarding the future of Obamacare, you will hear from health care workers that we need to bring the focus of medicine back on the patients.  The past few years, in which there has been a well-intentioned desire to control costs through bureaucratically oriented goals, the role of doctors and nurses has morphed away from patient care.  They have found that their role as “documenter of services rendered” through electronic medical records and coding for billing purposes has significantly taken away time spent with patients. Continue reading “Patient-Centered Medicine and the Struggle to Survive Obamacare” »

The Grubering of Barack Obama

Confronted by Ed Henry of FOX news with the question regarding comments made by Dr. Jonathan Gruber regarding the deceptions in the ACA and the “stupidity” of the American voters that got it passed, Obama reacted with the following comments: Continue reading “The Grubering of Barack Obama” »

Obamacare and Malice

Hanlon’s Razor says: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Many people believed that Obamacare was the result of stupidity, but it was far from it. It was in every instance pure political malice.

Continue reading “Obamacare and Malice” »

Conservative Reform Agenda

Reform Agenda

Ben Shapiro is an extremely talented and insightful reporter for Breitbart and his articles are always spot on, informative, and replete with substantiating information that backstops every point he makes. In dealing with the election of 2014 he has been tireless in pointing out what Republicans have to be mindful of, so there isn’t a lot I can add to his insights, but I do feel compelled to give my own spin to some of it. Continue reading “Conservative Reform Agenda” »

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

Black leaders in Chicago have finally come to the realization that the democrat party is using and abusing them for their own purpose and demonstrates no intent to give them any real help. They seek only their votes in blind loyalty and give nothing back but empty promises that blacks have been willing to accept on faith. Now it appears there is HOPE for CHANGE as activists raise their voices to raise awareness and call to their people to recognize the truth and fight back.

The New World Disorder

The New World Disorder




By Victor Davis Hanson

In just the last five or six years the world has been fundamentally transformed. Instead of the old accustomed Western-inspired postwar global order, crafted and ensured by the United States and its European and Japanese partners, there is now mostly chaos, from Ukraine to Syria to the South China Sea. Or, rather, there may be emerging new rules, given that we are still frozen in a Wild West moment, when everyone in the saloon has drawn his six-shooter, paused, and is wondering what happened to the sheriff — and wondering, too, who will be the first to dare start shooting. Continue reading “The New World Disorder” »

The Southern Border: Reality Check

Southern BorderLet’s begin with two sets of statistics. First, 60% of Americans wanted the illegal immigrant kids sent back to their nations of origin, while 28% said the children should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens. Second, while the President asks for $3.7 billion to fund efforts to support this illegal invasion, Sen Johnson (R) of Wisconsin points out that if we were to buy a plane ticket, put them up in a hotel room, get them some good meals, at $1,000 per child – it would cost $57 million to return all 52,000 children to their families. It should be noted that the Presidents funding request would only be the first of many at a time when America is smothering in debt and suffering her own crisis among her own people at home. Continue reading “The Southern Border: Reality Check” »

Selling Out Of Our Military


On the heels of the Veterans Administration scandal, President Obama announced in a Rose Garden Ceremony, the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban custody. The release was facilitated by the release of 5 senior Taliban commanders considered to be the worst held at the Guantanamo prison and most likely to return to the battlefield in opposition to American and coalition forces. Moreover, some of these men had direct connections to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda before 9/11/2001 and so are very likely to plan, finance, and export terror attacks against assets and facilities outside the Middle East. All of this is complicated by an outpouring of testimony from those who served with Bergdahl indicating that he was a deserter, and may have been collaborating with the Taliban against Coalition troops. Continue reading “Selling Out Of Our Military” »

High Crimes: The Core of Corruption

The Core of Corruption

Much has been written, and I have written about the Obama administration and the criminal enterprise I believe it represents. I have spoken to the offices of different members of Congress and expressed some cogent and valid thought processes allowing Congress to have standing in law suits against this despotic President and his administration. Standing that allows them to sue on our behalf to protect us from his idiocy. To date they have acted on none of them. But the formation of this Select Committee and the publication of this book, “Faithless Execution,” create a convergence that may yet save America from its own indolence and apathy and bring an end to this assault on America and her people. Continue reading “High Crimes: The Core of Corruption” »

Benghazi: Abandoned and Covered Up

Benghazi Cover UpOn September 11, 2012 Al Qaida jihadi fighters  stormed the compound at Benghazi in a well planned and executed attack. The assailants were well armed, had excellent intelligence, and knew where the ambassador and his people were. The attack involved two separate attacks and lasted 6-7 hours. There is some speculation their mission was to assassinate the ambassador, but I digress. Continue reading “Benghazi: Abandoned and Covered Up” »