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The Southern Border: Reality Check

Southern BorderLet’s begin with two sets of statistics. First, 60% of Americans wanted the illegal immigrant kids sent back to their nations of origin, while 28% said the children should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens. Second, while the President asks for $3.7 billion to fund efforts to support this illegal invasion, Sen Johnson (R) of Wisconsin points out that if we were to buy a plane ticket, put them up in a hotel room, get them some good meals, at $1,000 per child – it would cost $57 million to return all 52,000 children to their families. It should be noted that the Presidents funding request would only be the first of many at a time when America is smothering in debt and suffering her own crisis among her own people at home. Continue reading “The Southern Border: Reality Check” »

High Crimes: The Core of Corruption

The Core of Corruption

Much has been written, and I have written about the Obama administration and the criminal enterprise I believe it represents. I have spoken to the offices of different members of Congress and expressed some cogent and valid thought processes allowing Congress to have standing in law suits against this despotic President and his administration. Standing that allows them to sue on our behalf to protect us from his idiocy. To date they have acted on none of them. But the formation of this Select Committee and the publication of this book, “Faithless Execution,” create a convergence that may yet save America from its own indolence and apathy and bring an end to this assault on America and her people. Continue reading “High Crimes: The Core of Corruption” »

America’s “Stupitude”

Stupitude When I think of the mental state that brought Barack Obama into the presidency, I can’t help but describe it as “Stupitude.” Now I realize this isn’t a word, yet, but I venture to say that by the time January of 2017 rolls around America will have embraced that word and understood it in its fullest implications. Continue reading “America’s “Stupitude”” »

2014: A Chance for Salvation

Salvation With the beginning of 2014 America has to negotiate 3 more years of Barack Obama. As the first day of Obamacare dawns, scads of new taxes hidden in the bill go into effect raising the cost of insurance. Indeed millions have already lost their health insurance and only a fraction have signed up for Obamacare. But the greatest and most innovative medical system in the word has just been reduced to junk status by this law and medical care and quality have been reduced to rubble. Doctors are retiring, coverage is limited to the cheapest care and the system is getting overloaded. A Doctor shortage of 30,000 is anticipated and there are not enough prospects in the system to fill the void. Continue reading “2014: A Chance for Salvation” »

Obama’s Ship of State

End of Days For the last 4 years, experts and business people have warned of impending disaster resulting from the policies of this President and his administration. Policies and regulations which hamstring the nations ability to compete and grow the economy along with programs that are sucking the wealth out of the hands of the middle and lower classes will cause the upper end of the economy to literally collapse on the lower end crushing the marketplace and the engine that sustains its growth and flow of wealth. Continue reading “Obama’s Ship of State” »

You Can’t Cure Stupid (Obamacare)

Obamacare WarAs Nov. 30, 2013 approaches no one expects will be ready for Americans to access and begin the transition to Obamacare. Already over 5 million citizens have received cancellation notices and with the employer mandate another 80 to 120 million are expected to receive cancellations as well. So far, the Obamacare roll out to insure 30 million who were without health insurance when the law was passed, has only managed to make sure that 150 million face the prospect of being without health insurance as the roll out proceeds. And far from lower costs promised, higher prices are making it impossible for many to afford, throwing them by force into Medicaid which many argue was the original intent of this program. Continue reading “You Can’t Cure Stupid (Obamacare)” »

An Accidental Pilgrimage

Fatima We originally discussed the trip to Portugal as a novel opportunity to visit the ancestral home of my in laws who had come from Portugal. My wife has a very deep attachment for the old country, and many relatives that make up an extraordinarily large family. I had never been there and didn’t speak the language, so I knew I would be completely at her mercy for every need I had. We flew from Greensboro to New Jersey, and then across the Atlantic to Lisbon, Portugal. I had no idea what this visit would entail or that it would have a profound effect on me. Continue reading “An Accidental Pilgrimage” »

Gen. Alexander – NSA Chief: More Dangerous Than Obama (Gordian Nut)

Gordian Nut “Collect it all.” That’s how a former senior intelligence officer describes NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander’s approach to personal data. The “terrorist threat drives his passion” to collect everything. Alexander proposed having NSA operate on banks’ networks and their databases in search of malware that might compromise systems. Far from protecting Americans he protects private companies’ property at the expense of taxpayer privacy and dollars. Continue reading “Gen. Alexander – NSA Chief: More Dangerous Than Obama (Gordian Nut)” »

Time for Answers from the NSA

 Time for Answers from the NSA

by John Fund

It’s time to ask tough questions about the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities — even for conservatives who have given the NSA the benefit of every doubt up until now. Continue reading “Time for Answers from the NSA” »

Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments”

The Liberty Amendments

By: John Hayward (A Review)

Radio host Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, is one of the most focused, accessible, and aggressive political books you’ll ever find. Levin’s thesis is that the balance of power between the three branches of the federal government, the states, and the American people has been distorted beyond the ability of conventional politics to repair. After all, if the power of the legislature has been diminished relative to the executive, the executive has dispersed its disproportionate power into unelected bureaucracies, and the states are increasingly powerless vassals of Washington, then there is no way for the peoples’ representatives in Congress or state houses to draft laws that would correct the situation. The entire point of this century-long quest to centralize power was to remove it from the clumsy hands of foolish American citizens. We are spectators to a game show in Washington. We might be able to vote a few of the contestants off the show, but we have no control over the rules of the game. Continue reading “Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments”” »