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Patient-Centered Medicine and the Struggle to Survive Obamacare

By Keith Jackson (November 19, 2014)

As we near some sort of attempt at compromise regarding the future of Obamacare, you will hear from health care workers that we need to bring the focus of medicine back on the patients.  The past few years, in which there has been a well-intentioned desire to control costs through bureaucratically oriented goals, the role of doctors and nurses has morphed away from patient care.  They have found that their role as “documenter of services rendered” through electronic medical records and coding for billing purposes has significantly taken away time spent with patients. Continue reading “Patient-Centered Medicine and the Struggle to Survive Obamacare” »

The Grubering of Barack Obama

Confronted by Ed Henry of FOX news with the question regarding comments made by Dr. Jonathan Gruber regarding the deceptions in the ACA and the “stupidity” of the American voters that got it passed, Obama reacted with the following comments: Continue reading “The Grubering of Barack Obama” »

Dangerous Times: Obama’s Perversity

By James Lewis

In economics, a “perverse effect” means getting what you don’t want.  If McDonald’s makes an executive decision to sell lousy burgers and ends up bankrupt, that is a perverse decision.  Markets are tough on companies that act perversely, but the Amazonian jungle of government allows perverse incentives to flourish and spread.  In our current state of national perversity we have massive voter ignorance and apathy (and therefore no punishment for misgovernment), a Senate that passes critical legislation without even bothering to read it, an income tax code written by special-interest lobbyists over decades, and an IRS that is so deeply politicized that voter outrage has no visible impact at all.  Add a one-party media and government control over one seventh of the economy coming up, and you know we’re not going to come out of this unscathed. Continue reading “Dangerous Times: Obama’s Perversity” »

Going Over in a Decrepit Barrel

Today a rather eclectic group of dim wits look for the end of the world. Most of these people are likely Obama voters in my opinion because they demonstrate an incredible lack of vision and will believe anything they are told. We have come to know these people as low information voters. Intellectually lazy, and unable to discern the truth of what is going on in their country. Instead, they willingly accept the ridiculous and idiotic rantings of the mainstream media, and seem unable to question anything they hear, no matter how ridiculous. They accept it without question and are propagandized into wrongheaded versions of the faux truth or history rewritten. In the end truth for them is what the majority believe it to be without any regard for reality. Continue reading “Going Over in a Decrepit Barrel” »

The Pathology of Stupid

Before the election I held the opinion that America wanted to correct the damage that had been done over the last four years by the Obama administration, and to move in a more fiscally responsible direction that would reassure American business and restart a favorable economic cycle. Imagine my surprise when it became evident not only that Americans had no intention of putting competence in place over incompetence, but that they would double down on policies which had taken the country to the very precipice of the economic cliff. I stand in complete awe of a pathology of stupidity that defies reasonable explanation and virtually assures the country’s economic problems will become more severe and bring on an economic collapse. Continue reading “The Pathology of Stupid” »

Is America Really That Stupid?

In a speech on August 9th, 2012, Barack Obama said, “I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back. Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.”  Let’s examine that. Their stock once at $40 is now $20, they still owe the taxpayers $40 billion, the government has bought up 79% of their inventory, and their best product by his reckoning can become a barbeque pit without notice. Is this what America considers progress? Now he wants to do the same thing to every industry. The dictionary would define that as socialism. Continue reading “Is America Really That Stupid?” »

The Battle Begins: A Call To Arms

I phrase this as what it is. It is a war to decide whether the American people still have the spark of rugged individualism espoused by Ronald Reagan, and the drive to live in a world where excellence is our guide, or to be downsized into an entitlement driven social democracy on par with France, and Greece. It is a war to determine the character of our country and our people, and is a fight that will determine whether we are still guided by the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, or whether they have been downsized as well to nothing more than scrap paper and trash. Continue reading “The Battle Begins: A Call To Arms” »

Agenda 21; Sellout to Socialism

Recently we attended a discussion group on the subject of Agenda 21 which was hosted by the local leader in the field, Darin Moser. The meeting was highlighted by a presentation that explained the origins of the Agenda 21 movement as well as the implications for those who are its intended constituents. On the surface it is presented as a Pollyanna solution to all the ills that confront society and its environs. In practice it is a bid by powerful people in high places to exert control over the common masses and usurp freedom at its most basic levels. Consider this; what if you lost the right to choose where you lived, the kind of home you lived in, the kind of food you would eat, the kind of property you could own, and even the right to own property. A close read of Agenda 21 demonstrates that this is all in fact part of the program that is being inculcated into the society a very little bit at a time with the expected end result that a resulting socialist utopia will solve the problems of the world and provide the ultimate solution for all. Continue reading “Agenda 21; Sellout to Socialism” »