Obama’s Incapable of Learning From History:

The dust bin of history is filled to the brim with a collection of liberals who believe in their ideology that you can smile at your enemies and give them whatever throw away concessions may be necessary to ameliorate their lust for dominance and power. Fifty odd years ago a great man made this comment;

Today we are engaged in a literal battle for survival against perhaps the greatest foe of civilization that has ever existed. Radical Islam seeks to draw the world back into a seventh century Caliphate under Sharia Law where barbarism and sheer animal savagery is the dominant cultural norm and women and children become sexual playthings to be used and abused as it suits their appetites.

The world sees the US not only retreating from the region but also changing sides in the region. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt against Mubarak. He later stopped arms supply to a newly elected President El-Sisi determined to confront the war on terror in the region. Egypt faces threats from Al-Qaida in the Sinai, Palestinian Hamas in Gaza, and the Muslim Brotherhood at home. Yet Obama turned his back on him and hosts the American Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.

During the Gaza conflict, his Administration sided with Qatar and Turkey against the wishes of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Because of regional problems including an invasive Iran, the Syrian civil war, and the horrors of Islamic State and the foreign policy failures of the Obama’s Administration, we have seen an alliance of common strategic interests in the Middle East, which is a fascinating new opportunity for Israel and its Arab neighbors. Yet Obama has done little to help nurture and develop this development.

Instead, Israel and its neighbors are pondering on how to get through an Obama presidency. This particularly applies to an Israel suffering from a presidential animus, which is an integral part of Obama’s personal and political DNA.

Our current President, Barack Hussein Obama, is at once sympathetic to the Islamist cause and a coward to his cause. He is delusional in his approach to dealing with the atrocities they are visiting to the countries and people of the world, and he is going out of his way to act as if ignoring them will somehow make the stain of their actions go away.

He has thus far weakened the capacity of the United States to defend itself from these emerging threats while at the same time making the rules of engagement favor them in the fight against American forces tilting the advantage in their favor in any confrontation. He has crippled the ability of any domestic unit of policing to investigate or inhibit their actions by forbidding any reference to their religious or ethnic identity from being used as a part of their investigative or training methodology. Casualties among the Marine Corps. after his takeover as Commander in Chief in Afghanistan reached 92% for the entirety of the whole of those suffered in combat.

He has inculcated operatives from organizations that are known subversives and associated with militant Islamic entities and organizations into all levels of our own government agencies so that policy and procedures have been influenced by them and therefore to an extent sabotaged any efforts to stop their efforts on the domestic front. This has allowed an intimate knowledge of intelligence, policy, and procedures which has the consequence of compromising our operations at every level of planning and execution.

Mr. Obama has been appeasing our enemies and alienating our friends to such an extent as to make the country weak as an international body for world order and done damage that may take literally generations to undo. Our strongest Allie in the Middle East is Israel and they are looking at an existential threat from Iran achieving a nuclear weapon, and yet Mr. Obama is doing more to help them achieve that goal than to stop them. In fact his efforts are more focused on Israeli elections and defeating the current Prime Minister who is a very good friend of the US and has been for the last 20 years.

In the end this speech could have been written about Barack Obama because he surely lives in a fantasy world in which he doesn’t dream of castles in the sky, but is packing his bags to move into one. As he considers his legacy he must look back on all his actions and as a whole realize that history will understand that he never learned from history, because he never even cracked the book. His hatred of America drove him to be the worst President America ever had, and in the pantheon of who’s who’s in America history he will rank closer to the likes of Benedict Arnold than he will to any President that served before him. This is only one aspect of his failures, but it is but a single chapter in a very thick volume of failures that this man has written for himself.

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