Obama’s America

Obama's America

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected in the 2008 election I fervently believed that Americans had just demonstrated a serious example of bad judgment and enacted an example of the Peter Principle in epic proportion that would be a disaster for America. They elected a man of absolutely no experience, never met a pay check, who had done everything within his power to conceal his past from the public. Although I believed that many voted for him because he was black, I was convinced that it was a clear indication that at least half of America was as stupid as a bag of hammers.

In his first term in office his only real accomplishment was the passage of Obamacare. A disaster on wheels, it has destroyed the healthcare system, inculcated an immense new bureaucracy, and forced Americans into lousy insurance they can’t afford or use because of skyrocketing premiums and sky high deductibles. Everything else he has done has been detrimental to America on so many levels, and divided Americans racially, politically, and economically. Under the leadership of Barack Obama America has gone backwards losing clout, wealth, and respect across the world. The American dream has been replaced by an Obamian nightmare. A perfect image of the accomplishments of Barack Hussein Obama on his meteoric rise to be President.

In 2012 Barack Obama engaged in a campaign of lies to cover up a cascade of endless and worsening scandals. Americans were dying as a result of gun walk schemes, under secured diplomatic missions, deliberately mischaracterized terror attacks to cover up their severity, and a campaign of misinformation designed to deceive the American about the truth of American policy falling apart. The media were the propaganda arm of the White House, led by a liberal Svengali who abused them with tirades of expletives if they didn’t tow his line. One channel told the truth and were demonized on a daily basis by the president and his Lemmings. At the end of the day when he was re-elected it became clear to me that the majority of the American people, perhaps as many as 75%, were just too stupid to live. Examples piled up of the damage that was being done, but no one was learning anything. No one was doing anything. Precious few were even addressing the decline of America as a country, as a people, and as a force in the world for good. America was content to languish at the back of the pack behind nations that had no impact whatsoever in the world and it didn’t seem to matter to them one bit.

The evidence of what has happened to America since Barack Obama became President has been little short of devastating. Countries that were careful not to make too big a noise in their activities in the world are now emboldened and threatening to attack government and the country at large with impunity. In the Middle East countries are seeing weakness and appeasement in Obama policy, laughing at his threats as jokes. North Korea hacked a major American company, threatened the privacy of millions if their demands aren’t met, and when the FBI named them as the culprits they threatened to attack Washington if they weren’t allowed to participate in the investigation of the crime they committed. Barack Obama can only call a means of attacking our infrastructure an act of “Cyber Vandalism.” Really? This fool of a President that no one takes seriously has shown his true colors again; a man talks tough, but is an indecisive  coward who has no credibility.

The bottom line is that this is a self inflicted wound that happened because the American people are just as dumb as a bag of hair. More than half the country is one the dole, one third has simply quit looking for work, and most people just don’t have the knowledge that would have been required to be a good stock boy 50 years ago. Americans will believe anything the media says. They have become a country of Do-Do Birds creating the vehicle of their own extinction. Or maybe we can describe them as Lemmings who simply follow the one in front of them right off the edge of the cliff. Social media is their world and talking is their only milieu. The truth is if you read their posts you’ll find most people don’t know the difference in using “their”, “there,” or “to”, “too”, and “two.” Literary skills are in the toilet because people are functionally illiterate. Most haven’t read a real book in years. When you think about common core and talk about it making your head explode, it’s really because people are too stupid to understand what we once called the three R’s. People don’t read, they can’t write, and they are just all gone to hell when it comes to math. You see, America elected Obama the first time to prove they weren’t a racist, but now electing him the second time they proved that they were just stupid.

Life is harder, more dangerous, the government can’t slap its collective ass with both hands if their pants were on fire. In just six years the country has gone to hell and there are still two more to go. Well, it’s here now and it won’t improve until people wise up and take control of their lives again. Some of us have figured it out and taken steps to make sure that our kids are intellectually superior and have a greater wealth of knowledge and experience. But Americfa chose Barack Obama and made America the most chicken shit, useless, and unreliable country in the world founded under what Bono described as the greatest idea in the history of the world. Once great reduced to the sorriest state of pathetic, and what’s worse, too stupid to understand it. This is Obama’s America.

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