An Inconvenient Truth: Blacks and The Law

An Inconvenient Truth: Blacks and The Law






Michael Eric Dyson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Eugene Robinson, Toure, Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and many of those who act as race baiters, promote the victimization mentality contributing most to the failure of black culture to recognize the that limitations they create for themselves have said; “Racism is still the most intractable issue in this country, it’s a part of everything we do still.”  “It is open season on black men, and it is in many ways as bad as it was fifty years ago.” Fifty two years after Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, what holds black back more than anything is blacks themselves.

This meme reflects the way the Black victim political ideology works to maintain their financial gains as those who lead this victimhood movement preserve their voting block for liberal left. These “prominent” black leaders keep repeating that police officers have a negative view of black males which they attribute to racism, and that they place less value on black males lives. What they conveniently fail to recognize or discuss is that crime statistics tend to show that perceptions held of blacks as a threat are indeed reasonable and even justified.

There is no evidence that supports that claim that police officers view black males differently from others, but there is historical precedent which begs the need for caution, and reflects behavioral tendencies more than race. People view us by the way we present ourselves.  If we respect ourselves in the way we dress, speak, and act, people will show us respect. We create our own destiny in this regard and are ourselves responsible for how we are perceived. Failure to show respect for ones self or for the law will always create suspicion and raise ones hackles.

The descriptions of Michael Brown in his altercation with Officer Wilson are reflections of the presentation that Mr. Brown made and upon which the Officer was forced to judge him. Reflecting on the video of Mr. Brown committing his strong arm robbery and his treatment of a man half his size tends reflects exactly the kind of behavior the Officer described. Mr. Brown’s himself created the way the Officer perceived him and was the central contributing factor to his own death. The Officer reacted as the situation dictated he had to. One can ask where Mr. Brown developed those thuggish behaviors and attitudes, but watching and listening to his parents after his death and since, speak volumes to the kind of man he was, and there was nothing gentle or redeeming about him.

The thread that strings Ferguson, Staten Island, Trayvon Martin and any other alleged race based victimization episodes has nothing to do with racism or the police. Most of it can be laid at the feet of liberals and their ideology. It is clear that liberal policies have destroyed the basic family unit and made dependence on government the drug of choice for many black families. Liberals have trapped blacks in a culture that only knows dependency, gangs, drugs, and free money for having babies out of wedlock. Consider the rate of abortions among blacks and it is possible to speculate that their population share could be 25-30% instead of a meager 13%. Abortion has become the genocide of choice against the black community and liberals have convinced the black people themselves to be the architect of that genocide. This is the dictum of liberalism, kill your babies in the womb so you can be free to have more babies. Why should they work when they are entitled to welfare? Want to increase your income? Have a baby.

Blacks are drawn to political ideologies that breed victimization and insist that success in other minority communities is impossible for them. They convince themselves that “the system ” is against them and they have no chance for success. Any attempt to discuss it is met with excuses of racism. Blacks have entitlements to fall back on including affirmative action, federal financial aid, and scholarships that award them just for being a minority.

Blacks cynically are racist toward Jews as well, claiming “More Blacks have died at the hands of slavery than Jews in the holocaust”, “Whites don’t accept Blacks like they do Jews. Jews are not real minorities”, “Jews came to America with an unfair advantage. They never had to deal with racism”. Yet, nothing is preventing them from making money in sensible and legal ways other than their own culture of victimization.

The victimization lobby blames the system instead of taking responsibility for their personal failures.  But one has to look at those who profit most from Black victim political ideology to account for the community’s lack of success and identity after 400 plus years in America. It is easier to be a dependent people than to shoulder the work and discipline to define one’s purpose and earn a living. “Excuses are tools of the incompetent and those who use them are seldom good for anything.” 

For all that can be shown that reflects negatively for blacks, there are positives that stand head and shoulders above this victimization culture who have made success a worthy end to a means. There are entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians, judges, and a host of others who have succeeded in their vocations, many of who started out the same way as most inner city blacks. Most of them had good family values and guidance and were taught the benefits of hard work. They worked hard and succeeded and are leaders in the community. So the idea of the racial victimization ideology stands in stark contrast as a philosophy of failure that is adopted by those who are willing to be failures and a drain on society.

Why do cops perceive most blacks with a wary eye and suspicion so often. Well maybe one part is because as 13% f the population they are responsible for over 55% of the violent crime and 93% of blacks who are murdered, are murdered by other blacks. Maybe a 72% out of wedlock birth rate and fatherless households is a contributing factor. Whatever your point of view, doing the job that they have chosen, the Police are reflecting a survival instinct that requires caution on approach because history is full of disasters for those who didn’t.

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