Racism and the Legacy of the Left

 Racism The liberal left and the liberal media have been complicit in creating a victims class of Americans as part of their agenda, particularly blacks, and encouraging social uprisings for a long time.  Sadly innocent lives are destroyed, people hurt, and lives have been lost. They don’t care because it empowers them, and it will continue until we stand up and stop them.

In their remarkable arrogance they assume most voters are clueless idiots. Obama and his liberal minions look us in the eye and flat-out lie; Not just simple lies, but huge whoppers, without even blinking.  They ignore the video archives. They know that they can count on the liberal media to cover their derrières, to carry their water, and be complicit in their efforts to deceive and divide the American people.

One thing you can count on.  Whatever Obama and his minions say they seek to achieve, their hidden agenda is the polar opposite. When Republican Congressman Paul Ryan proposed a plan to save Medicare, Democrat minions produced a deplorable ad to deceive voters and demonize Ryan, depicting him pushing a helpless, terrified gray-haired grandmother in a wheelchair over a cliff, plunging to her death.  Meanwhile, Obama cut Medicare by $718 billion.

In 1964, Democrat president Lyndon Johnson implemented government welfare programs promoted as his “war on poverty.”  Twenty-two trillion dollars later, complete with government playing Robin Hood by taking from the rich and redistributing to the poor, there has been no progress against poverty. But the Democrat dependency programs mixed with the lowering of moral and cultural standards have left the black family and community in shambles.  The mission was never about ending poverty, but rather about addicting blacks to government handouts to secure their votes forever.

The Democrats’ modus operandi is “deceive, divide, and distract.” Particularly enamored with the use of race as a cudgel to divide the people and increase the tension between the races, it is used to cement minority support for the democrat party. Until we as Americans exercise our power to politically stop them, Democrat deceivers will surely continue their insidious deceit.

Ferguson has brought into perspective the notion that black mob violence is a plague that has no limits and will destroy even its own environment. The reporters who by their inability to report objectively impel the anger into violence. By allowing their personal bias to be the basis of their reporting, they broadcast lies and half truths and distort the facts beyond recognition. Ferguson showed the nation that liberals in the media are still compelled by the same rationale from which they conceived the Klu Klux Klan into mob justice and a public lynching. We now see that it was never about the facts, but simply their overwhelming desire to blame a Police Officer for the bad behavior of a young black man.

For reporters, Mike Brown was a Gentle Giant who was cut down for no reason whatsoever. We should look first at the evidence in the case which clearly showed a young thug who robbed a store, assaulted the store owner when confronted, assaulted a Policeman, and tried to take his gun in order to use it on the Officer. But if we reflect on the behaviors and history the parents of Michael Brown we can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. When the verdict came down and the Grand Jury “no billed” the charges, they are the ones who called for people to “burn the bitch down.”


A black reporter stated that because the district attorney of St. Louis took 25 minutes to explain the grand jury decision that was proof positive the cop should have gone to trial. And reason enough to riot. Mob violence is “understandable,” or so quoth Barack Obama.

CNN declared that black mob violence is no big deal because white people do it too. Just as often. Just as bad. So singling out Ferguson is racist. Unmentioned are the hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence around the country. Ferguson was not the only. Just the latest.

No one mentioned Louisville, and how last Spring 200 black people rampaged through downtown, beating grandparents in front of their grandkids, destroying property, stealing, looting, and creating mayhem.

PBS was kind enough to inform us that all of that black mob violence is the result of “white racism.”

And what of other places: Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Fort Lauderdale, DeKalb, South Bend, Champaign, Peoria: Anyone heard of them?

How about the black bus driver who called 20 black people to beat and kick a white family on her bus. All while the black passengers cheered?

In Rochester, black people taunted, harassed, robbed, and attacked more than 1000 recent Asian immigrants. A social worker blacked it in Asian “naivete.”

Thanks to the policies and examples of the Barack Obama, Eric Holder, their lackeys in the democrat party and the main stream media, black hostility and racial resentment towards white and Asian people is now mainstream. It is easy to find on the web, the media, and it fuels this kind of mob violence.

Once again there is an unspoken hostility between blacks and the rest of society. Instinct tells people to fear and suspend trust; first instincts necessarily lead to an assumption of bad behavior first and the lack of a threat last. But the latter has to be shown at a distance. Even most blacks fear black groups because they know 93% of crime perpetrated against them is by members of their own culture. Black on black crime is the deadliest. So fear and caution have been moved race relations back 50 years before Dr. King. And it was never like this before Barack Obama and Eric Holder became the respective heads of their portion of government. It make take decades to recoup what has been lost.

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