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High Crimes: The Core of Corruption

The Core of Corruption

Much has been written, and I have written about the Obama administration and the criminal enterprise I believe it represents. I have spoken to the offices of different members of Congress and expressed some cogent and valid thought processes allowing Congress to have standing in law suits against this despotic President and his administration. Standing that allows them to sue on our behalf to protect us from his idiocy. To date they have acted on none of them. But the formation of this Select Committee and the publication of this book, “Faithless Execution,” create a convergence that may yet save America from its own indolence and apathy and bring an end to this assault on America and her people. Continue reading “High Crimes: The Core of Corruption” »

Benghazi: Abandoned and Covered Up

Benghazi Cover UpOn September 11, 2012 Al Qaida jihadi fighters  stormed the compound at Benghazi in a well planned and executed attack. The assailants were well armed, had excellent intelligence, and knew where the ambassador and his people were. The attack involved two separate attacks and lasted 6-7 hours. There is some speculation their mission was to assassinate the ambassador, but I digress. Continue reading “Benghazi: Abandoned and Covered Up” »