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You Can’t Cure Stupid (Obamacare)

Obamacare WarAs Nov. 30, 2013 approaches no one expects will be ready for Americans to access and begin the transition to Obamacare. Already over 5 million citizens have received cancellation notices and with the employer mandate another 80 to 120 million are expected to receive cancellations as well. So far, the Obamacare roll out to insure 30 million who were without health insurance when the law was passed, has only managed to make sure that 150 million face the prospect of being without health insurance as the roll out proceeds. And far from lower costs promised, higher prices are making it impossible for many to afford, throwing them by force into Medicaid which many argue was the original intent of this program. Continue reading “You Can’t Cure Stupid (Obamacare)” »