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Obama and Thugs Pulled Off the Heist of the Century

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality.
Wayne Allyn Root

It is increasingly clear that the 2012 elections, both presidential and senate, were stolen by Obama, the Democratic Party, the IRS, and government employee unions. It’s right out of a mob movie like “The Godfather.” Continue reading “Obama and Thugs Pulled Off the Heist of the Century” »

Obama’s ‘Independent’ NSA Review Panel All Democratic Operatives

Obama's Fraud
by Wynton Hall

In the wake of the National Security Agency (NSA) spying scandal, President Barack Obama announced the creation of an “independent group” of “outside experts” that would ensure civil liberties were not violated and that the public’s trust restored. Continue reading “Obama’s ‘Independent’ NSA Review Panel All Democratic Operatives” »

Gen. Alexander – NSA Chief: More Dangerous Than Obama (Gordian Nut)

Gordian Nut “Collect it all.” That’s how a former senior intelligence officer describes NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander’s approach to personal data. The “terrorist threat drives his passion” to collect everything. Alexander proposed having NSA operate on banks’ networks and their databases in search of malware that might compromise systems. Far from protecting Americans he protects private companies’ property at the expense of taxpayer privacy and dollars. Continue reading “Gen. Alexander – NSA Chief: More Dangerous Than Obama (Gordian Nut)” »

Obama’s War

Obama's War Barack Obama contemplates a half hearted strike against Syria to punish Bashir Al Assad for using chemical weapons on his people. Really? A limited strike not designed to affect regime change. Really? A shot across the bow. Two hundred Tomahawk missiles ($1.5 million each) just to make some racket break some buildings, and maybe damage a military target or two. Haven’t we been here before? Continue reading “Obama’s War” »