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Obama Misrepresents ‘Stand Your Ground’

William A. Levinson

President Obama suggested that states reconsider “stand your ground” laws, and contended that they invite people to use deadly force when it is not justified.  The following statement proves Mr. Obama’s well-known dishonesty, as demonstrated below.  I refer specifically to his implication that “stand your ground” means you can shoot somebody who makes you “feel threatened.” Continue reading “Obama Misrepresents ‘Stand Your Ground’” »

Zimmerman: Guilty of Not Being Black

Chicago has had 200 homicides this year, but the NAACP and the media don’t seem to care.
By  Lee Habeeb

Angela Corey vs. Alan Dershowitz

Rick Moran

One of the side issues to the Zimmerman trial is the dishonest affidavit submitted by special prosecturo Angela Corey that led directly to Zimmerman’s indictment.

Alan Dershowitz called out Corey last year for failing to include exculpatory information in the affidavit – information that probably led to Zimmerman’s acquittal and may have convinced the judge at the time that there was insufficient evidence to indict. Continue reading “Angela Corey vs. Alan Dershowitz” »

College Girls, Bottled Water and the Emerging American Police State

– The Rutherford Institute

What do college girls and bottled water have to do with the emerging American police state? Quite a bit, it seems.

Public outcry has gone viral over an incident in which a college student was targeted and terrorized by Alcohol Beverage Control agents (ABC) after she purchased sparkling water at a grocery store. The girl and her friends were eventually jailed for daring to evade their accosters, who failed to identify themselves or approach the young women in a non-threatening manner. Continue reading “College Girls, Bottled Water and the Emerging American Police State” »

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How the Press Prosecuted Zimmerman While Stoking Racial Tensions

As we await the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, the Florida man who claims to have shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense, this seems the perfect time to reflect on the media’s cynical and dishonest role in turning a local crime into a national obsession. Continue reading “Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How the Press Prosecuted Zimmerman While Stoking Racial Tensions” »

Ice-T: Gun Rights Are Civil Rights

Rapper Ice-T has narrated a documentary that frames the gun control argument in language the left has long avoided–gun rights are civil rights.

In other words, they are rights inherent to American citizens. Or as the website puts it: “Civil rights are personal rights guaranteed and protected by the U.S. Constitution.” Continue reading “Ice-T: Gun Rights Are Civil Rights” »

Kenyan Cardinal to Obama: U.S. Society Already ‘Ruined’

Kenyan Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi and president of the Kenyan Episcopal Conference, joined other African leaders last week in open dismissal of President Obama’s urging to accept same-sex marriage. Continue reading “Kenyan Cardinal to Obama: U.S. Society Already ‘Ruined’” »

Police Chief Murdered With Rifle Lost in Operation Fast and Furious

Yet another gun lost in the ATF’s disastrous federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” has reportedly been used in a murder.

A high-powered rifle from Fast and Furious was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the state of Jalisco earlier this year, according to internal Department of Justice records. The new revelation suggests “that weapons from the failed gun-tracking operation have now made it into the hands of violent drug cartels deep inside Mexico,” the Los Angeles Times reports. Continue reading “Police Chief Murdered With Rifle Lost in Operation Fast and Furious” »

Nevada Family Says Police Occupation of Homes Violated the Third Amendment by Jacob Sullum

You don’t often hear about lawsuits based on the Third Amendment, the one that says “no soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” That usually overlooked provision is cited in a federal lawsuit recently filed by Anthony Mitchell and his parents, Michael and Linda Mitchell—an oddity for which we can thank the Henderson, Nevada, police department. The Mitchells, who live in separate houses near each other in the Las Vegas suburb, were forcibly evicted from their homes on July 10, 2011, by police officers responding to a domestic violence report involving one of their neighbors. Here is how it all started, according to the complaint: Continue reading “Nevada Family Says Police Occupation of Homes Violated the Third Amendment by Jacob Sullum” »

Hinkle: Commit any felonies lately?

Elizabeth Daly went to jail over a case of bottled water.

According to the Charlottesville Daily Progress, shortly after 10 p.m. April 11, the University of Virginia student bought ice cream, cookie dough and a carton of LaCroix sparkling water from the Harris Teeter grocery store at the popular Barracks Road Shopping Center. In the parking lot, a half-dozen men and a woman approached her car, flashing some kind of badges. One jumped on the hood. Another drew a gun. Others started trying to break the windows. Continue reading “Hinkle: Commit any felonies lately?” »