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What Acts Will Come

The actual argument to limit ownership or use of guns has never been about safety. As the title says it is clear that the more guns are in the public’s hands the less criminals are inclined to act. National crime stats show a marked decrease over the last couple of decades. Continue reading “What Acts Will Come” »

Dangerous Times: Obama’s Perversity

By James Lewis

In economics, a “perverse effect” means getting what you don’t want.  If McDonald’s makes an executive decision to sell lousy burgers and ends up bankrupt, that is a perverse decision.  Markets are tough on companies that act perversely, but the Amazonian jungle of government allows perverse incentives to flourish and spread.  In our current state of national perversity we have massive voter ignorance and apathy (and therefore no punishment for misgovernment), a Senate that passes critical legislation without even bothering to read it, an income tax code written by special-interest lobbyists over decades, and an IRS that is so deeply politicized that voter outrage has no visible impact at all.  Add a one-party media and government control over one seventh of the economy coming up, and you know we’re not going to come out of this unscathed. Continue reading “Dangerous Times: Obama’s Perversity” »

When Enough Is Enough

Since the 1st election of Barack Obama America’s been in distress. A man who came to office promising the exact opposite of everything he had done throughout his political career managed to fool the people. A man who had no experience at anything except “Community Organizing” came into office telling every sector of the American culture how they could do everything better if they just had faith in his intentions to fundamentally change America. Continue reading “When Enough Is Enough” »

The IRS, the NSA, and Obama’s Dirty Tricks

By Michael Bargo Jr.

The recent IRS and NSA scandals reveal that the Federal government, during the first term of President Obama, used the IRS to weaken the political campaigns of Obama’s opponents, and that the NSA collected and stored personal information on virtually all Americans under the guise of national security.

Continue reading “The IRS, the NSA, and Obama’s Dirty Tricks” »