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Old History: Current Revisionism

Last Night my wife and I went to see Lincoln. I have to say my expectations were very high. Considering all the talk and the 12 Academy nominations, I expected something a bit more dynamic and thought provoking, but found was little more than a journeyman effort. Daniel Day Lewis has always been masterful in his roles and with the supporting cast that was advertised I thought surely I was to get my money’s worth. I can’t begin to express my disappointment at a film that was little more than mediocre.  The plot is based on the fight and adoption of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. God knows two and a half hours of listening to Lincoln as the sophist accompanied by little more than a continuing political bickering, it seems I could have turned on the TV for nothing and heard the same arguments from Juan Williams, Al Sharpton, Toure, and the rest of the liberal race baiters who make a career out of screaming, “RACISM,” and contributing little else to the national dialog. Continue reading “Old History: Current Revisionism” »