Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Pathology of Stupid

Before the election I held the opinion that America wanted to correct the damage that had been done over the last four years by the Obama administration, and to move in a more fiscally responsible direction that would reassure American business and restart a favorable economic cycle. Imagine my surprise when it became evident not only that Americans had no intention of putting competence in place over incompetence, but that they would double down on policies which had taken the country to the very precipice of the economic cliff. I stand in complete awe of a pathology of stupidity that defies reasonable explanation and virtually assures the country’s economic problems will become more severe and bring on an economic collapse. Continue reading “The Pathology of Stupid” »

“We the people”: The True Source of Sovereign US Power

Friends, I beg your indulgence in this article. What I bring before you is urgent and very complex. It requires those who choose to participate have a clear understanding of the principles in operation and the responsibility these principles convey. It is further critical  to have an equal and clear understanding of place in the country’s history.  Our obligation to restore the founding principles, the basis upon which our great republic was founded, could not require more clear reasoning and understanding of the importance of this project. Continue reading ““We the people”: The True Source of Sovereign US Power” »