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Why God Matters

The Presidency of Barack Obama can be summed up in simple terms as a lesson in propaganda and lies, a clear demonstration of how the people are seen to be gullible and easy to deceive, and the clear the intent to reduce America to a shadow of itself for sins perceived it has committed against the third world. The administrations foundation is based on a lie, its policies steeped in corruption, and the President a shallow and base man who cares little or nothing for how his actions affect the American people. It requires a narcissistic and charismatic man as the front man, a corrupt media that has no soul, and a party of zealots who give credence and an example of those who believe the makers should support the takers. So the question is, why does God matter? Continue reading “Why God Matters” »

Election 2012: Who is John Galt?

When Ayn Rand originally penned “Atlas Shrugged,” she was expressing a view culled from her own experiences with a communist society in which a collective centralized government dictated the way work and benefits should be distributed in a society. It was a timely treatise that discussed an issue which, originally a warning and an unlikely scenario, was never really supposed to exist in society. How then do we view the situation we find ourselves in as a nation faced with the very concepts and government policies which were so clearly demonstrated as the most reliable way to destroy a society? How do we reconcile the very issues upon which the 2012 election itself and the fate of the United States of America rests? Continue reading “Election 2012: Who is John Galt?” »