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A Matter of Race; Really?

Nothing’s more comical than witnessing the furor of the mainstream media trying to cover for Barack Obama, and accusing anyone who opposes him of being racist. I say that it’s comical for two reasons. First, racism was removed as an argument when Obama was elected. In fact, if you consider the millions spent to conceal his past, and not so much as an iota of knowledge or experience for the job, and  that he has gotten away with  complete mishandling of the job, I’d say his achievement was more a matter of reverse racism and that getting the job was more about affirmative action. Secondly, after all the blunders, missteps, and complete incompetence that is the highlight of his tenure, I would say he has proven that the Peter Principle applies equally to whites and blacks and Obama Peter Principled out as a State Senator. Continue reading “A Matter of Race; Really?” »

The Election – The Choices – The Stakes

In a conversation on Facebook an individual I was debating on the Presidential election said this. “Voting is a positive affirmation of principles, not a choice between the lesser of evils. I will be voting for Gary Johnson, who embodies principles I respect. I will also be buying a “Don’t blame me, I voted for Gary Johnson” bumper sticker after the election, because I know that the country is headed down the tubes no matter whether Obama or ORomney is elected.” To say I was shocked cannot begin to express the way I felt given the realities that hinge on this election. Continue reading “The Election – The Choices – The Stakes” »

Descent Into Madness: Understanding The Joker

Authors Note: This was originally submitted as a Psychology paper for a College course. It examines the mentality of the character known as The Joker, and his relationship to Batman.

“He sees himself as the Lord of misrule, and the world as a theater of the absurd.”

Alternatively known as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, the Chaplain of Chicanery, the Monstrous Mountebank, and the Ace of Knaves, the Joker is clearly not an accurate example of a criminally insane psychotic. He’s a completely aware, yet an unreliable source of information about his own past. It may be that he is hyper-sane and has no fixed identity, but rather, reinvents himself daily as his needs require, to feed his view of reality. He was a man of great intelligence driven by misfortune of his own creation and loss into a state of mad genius. As the Joker says when he allows himself a moment of clarity, “Sometimes I remember it one way, and sometimes another. If I have to have a past, I’d prefer it to be multiple choice”. Continue reading “Descent Into Madness: Understanding The Joker” »

Can We Believe Anything The Media Says?

In a word, no. The media once a powerful advocate of the people and protector of society abdicated its role as a responsible and believable source of information once the older role models had died off. It’s fair to say that reporters like Walter Cronkite may have been liberal, but he felt his keen responsibility to the vocation he had chosen and spoke to the facts with letting his political bias color them. People like Frank Reynolds held his own associates at ABC to a higher standard, and delivered the news with power and sincerity that made whatever he said very believable. The standard bearers understood that their first duty was to the truth and so while they lived, the truth lived. For good or ill what they said could usually be relied on to reflect a good measure of truth and accuracy. Continue reading “Can We Believe Anything The Media Says?” »