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Barack Obama; The Doctrine of Divine Right

The Divine Right Theory is a doctrine of monarchical absolutism. It states that Kings derive their authority from God and can’t be accountable for their actions by earthly authority. The legitimization of this authority is based on the idea that rulers are chosen by God. Believers, and the secular world see civilization as being instituted by God, in order to secure the safety and security of the population. Therefore, Kings are made by God for a specific purpose. And even if they are  ungodly, to question them is in essence to question God Himself.  Continue reading “Barack Obama; The Doctrine of Divine Right” »

Preppers Creed; A Word to The Wise

Most people are aware and understand that the government, at all levels, is not on their side. Government today needs to make people dependent on them to control them and make them victims of their status quo. Any citizen or any group of citizens who demonstrate an ability to live outside the framework of government represent a threat and have to be dealt with. Remember, in the eyes of government you’re either with them or against them, there is no middle ground. Continue reading “Preppers Creed; A Word to The Wise” »