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Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong, No Matter Who Says Otherwise

Those who support homosexuality and gay marriage have played word games with reality and the Bible in order justify their actions and desires. They’ve taken the words of the Bible out of context and tried to pervert the very nature of a relationship ordered by God that has stood through the passage of time. But let’s take this a step further. In its totality, this is an aggregate part of a deliberate intent by liberal and progressives to undermine the institution of marriage and to destroy any union of which the government does not approve. Note the government’s actions with respect to the “Defense of Marriage Act.” This is codified and settled law which the government has not only refused to defend, but has also initiated action to strike down without regard for the will of the people. This is the liberal and progressive version of the final solution for the institution of marriage and the destruction of one of the most important social institutions. As a matter of personal opinion I see no daylight between the political and the moral attacks that are being initiated from these people. As Christians we have an obligation to speak out and make ourselves heard on this matter and on the matter of government gone wild. Continue reading “Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong, No Matter Who Says Otherwise” »