Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Mind: Survivalist Food For Thought

If you are truly dedicated to being prepared for disaster then I recommend that you start with the worst case scenario, prioritize your needs, get a clear understanding of the ground you occupy, and then take into consideration the real trails you will face. Very often people go to a lot of trouble to get a myriad of things they expect to need, but are doomed because they didn’t realize that survival is always more about the mental aspects of the ordeal than the physical. So in an effort to provide some thought provoking material for the masses I offer this simple discussion for your enjoyment. Continue reading “The Mind: Survivalist Food For Thought” »

Barack Hussein Obama: Truly America’s Greatest Threat

Very often people are used to politicians exaggerating the truth and trying to make themselves look better for re-election. Look, let’s face it; we expect it of them.  We know that if politicians were held to the same standards as commercial advertisers they’d never be able open their mouths again. But the simple fact is that some politicians, Barack Hussein Obama in particular, have taken a whole new leap into a realm of fantasy in which the prism they view their performance has not a thing at all in common with reality. Continue reading “Barack Hussein Obama: Truly America’s Greatest Threat” »