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Why Mitt Romney Will Never Be President

If Mitt Romney wins the Republican Primary to run against Barack Obama in 2012 Obama will be re-elected and it will not even be remotely close. Obama will be re-elected in a lame duck term with what he will consider a mandate, and there will be no stopping him from doing whatever he chooses to go forward. If you think the Republicans will win the Senate there may be a 50-50 chance, but it is no better than that, and Obama has proven that he doesn’t need the Congress to do anything he wants anyway. Clearly as he did in the GM and Chrysler bail out he will make the Supreme Court rule his way on Obama care just like he made them overlook the 5th amendment violation of confiscating property and wealth without due process. This is a no brainer. Continue reading “Why Mitt Romney Will Never Be President” »

Humans: One Race, One Blood

Last night my wife and I watched the movie, “Red Tails.” It was a good movie but not quite on par with the original “Tuskegee Airmen” that featured Lawrence Fishburn.  Still, watching the movie and experiencing in some measure the exploits of these incredible individuals filled me with a certain pride and made me appreciate that even the most down trodden American can rise to defend his country when that country calls. For all the abuse and racism that these men were able to endure they became one of the premiere fighting units of WWII and had a record of success and competency second to none. There were 95 Distinguished Flying Cross’s  awarded and not one bomber they escorted was ever lost to enemy action. They were a disciplined force of exceptional men whose love of country was supreme. Continue reading “Humans: One Race, One Blood” »

What Future May Come

By the time the Presidential elections roll around, the national debt will have reached $16.2 trillion with annual budget deficits of over $1 trillion as far as the eye can see. Our national debt will be 120% of GDP and growing at an unsustainable rate every year with almost half the budget borrowed money. Economic growth will not continue indefinitely. The financial crisis is escalating and it threatens to engulf everything that we hold dear. The consequences are building, and are unavoidable without immediate and substantial change. We have a blind spot with respect to our own future. We deal with problems when they confront us. The result could be as drastic as the supply chain being radically affected, or stopped. Millions could die waiting for a solution that might take quite some time to materialize. People and politicians won’t openly recognize the danger until they are confronted by the crisis. Continue reading “What Future May Come” »