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Building the American Gulag

If you are offered good advice and you fail to take it, you have only yourself to blame. As we’ve watched the governance of this country progress over the last three and a half years, it becomes more and more obvious that people who work in government should be required to go to work in clown cars so as to make their mode of transportation commensurate with their professional performance. Am I saying that everyone in government should be viewed as an incompetent clown collecting a ridiculously high salary with staggeringly expensive benefits as they all the while demonstrate that they couldn’t find their way out if they were placed in a closet. Continue reading “Building the American Gulag” »

Agenda 21 & The Triple Bottom Line

by Darin Moser

A sinister new ideology known as “Sustainable Development” has emerged in the minds of many of our nation’s leaders. As average Americans have gone about living their lives, working and playing, growing their families, and building their homes, this new philosophy has become a constantly growing motivation in the minds of those who sit in positions of power and influence around the United States and the world.  Sustainable Development is a theory of resource management and control that was birthed within the minds of the United Nations and was originally defined in a UN commissioned report called “Our Common Future” in 1987. At the core of the “Sustainable Development” philosophy lies the desire to see the demise of our current economic and political structures and the replacement of these with sustainable and manageable solutions based around a variety of collectivist, social engineering schemes.  As Sustainable Development grows, alongside it grow policies such as Agenda 21 and The Earth Charter that strive to completely alter the very dreams and futures that each individual American has worked so hard to build. The fundamentals of Sustainable Development, known as the three pillars of sustainability, the three E’s or the “triple bottom line” are directly opposed to those values of traditional American capitalism and self determination. This “triple bottom line” idea of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is at odds with the ideas and values that we have taught in America since the very founding of this nation. Continue reading “Agenda 21 & The Triple Bottom Line” »

Glenn Beck: From Sublime to Ridiculous

In a post on “The Blaze” December 11, 2011, Glenn Beck said this. “If you have a big government progressive, or a big government progressive in Obama… ask yourself this, Tea Party: is it about Obama’s race? Because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you‘re against him but you’re for [Newt Gingrich], it must be about race. I mean, what else is it? It’s the policies that matter.” Continue reading “Glenn Beck: From Sublime to Ridiculous” »

Sustainable Development: The Basic Story

by Darin Moser –

From the largest metropolitans to the smallest towns of main street America, communities all across our nation are being influenced with a new political philosophy known as Sustainable Development. It is a philosophy that fundamentally creates a community character that runs counter to the classic American traits of individuality, ingenuity, innovation, and liberty. This philosophy is dispersed throughout our government. For example at the federal level there are numerous grants that are being made available some of which are being disseminated by the “Partnership for Sustainable Communities”, a new joint partnership of Housing and Urban Development, Department Of Transportation, & the Environmental Protection Agency, this  sustainable partnership was created by President Obama.  At the State level there are also many new agencies that are forming such as the “Sustainable Communities Task Force” in NC, for example which was created this year to encourage the development of sustainable community initiatives in NC. Continue reading “Sustainable Development: The Basic Story” »

Agenda 21; Sellout to Socialism

Recently we attended a discussion group on the subject of Agenda 21 which was hosted by the local leader in the field, Darin Moser. The meeting was highlighted by a presentation that explained the origins of the Agenda 21 movement as well as the implications for those who are its intended constituents. On the surface it is presented as a Pollyanna solution to all the ills that confront society and its environs. In practice it is a bid by powerful people in high places to exert control over the common masses and usurp freedom at its most basic levels. Consider this; what if you lost the right to choose where you lived, the kind of home you lived in, the kind of food you would eat, the kind of property you could own, and even the right to own property. A close read of Agenda 21 demonstrates that this is all in fact part of the program that is being inculcated into the society a very little bit at a time with the expected end result that a resulting socialist utopia will solve the problems of the world and provide the ultimate solution for all. Continue reading “Agenda 21; Sellout to Socialism” »