Monthly Archives: October 2011

Time To Stop Being A Political Tool

The Democratic party is identified by a mascot that is a mule or donkey. Most people think it should be be described as a Jack Ass. It has long ears to listen in on things that are none of their business. They make the most annoying braying noise that is characteristic of most of their speech. And if you aren’t careful, or you piss them off, they pack a kick from hell at the ass end of it. In truth it is appropriate as a representation of their mindset and behaviors. As a political party they’ll do anything to in order to accomplish their aims. The only care about is their political ideology, and like a cadre of mind numbed parrotistas they all say the same words, on the same subject, in the same cadence, and with the same emphasis. There’s nothing original about them other than their mendacity and their unique inability to understand that history will always tell what happened. Oh don’t get me wrong, they try to change history all the time. Continue reading “Time To Stop Being A Political Tool” »

NC GOP Goes Cannibal

A truly dishonest and nefarious man knows that in order to make a lie have more traction, it has to be seeded with a little bit of the truth. Someone with a history of lying and making false and damaging accusations would be very experienced at that. If that person made false statements with the intent to damage the personal life or professional career of another for their own professional or material gain, it would demonstrate them to be contemptible, of questionable moral character, and someone who should be anathema to any moral or ethical citizen. Yet the stupidest thing someone in politics can do in this internet age is assume that every one else but them lives in a glass house. Once the stone throwing got started, it would be ludicrous to go back home with the expectation that there was no broken glass there. Continue reading “NC GOP Goes Cannibal” »

The Constitution, the Church and the State

The first thing that must be said is that nowhere in the constitution is there a word written which implies or demonstrates a separation of church and state. The only historical reference to it that can be drawn at all was in a letter Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802 in response to their letter in October of 1801. The letter is posted here as written; Continue reading “The Constitution, the Church and the State” »