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Can The Best Man Win?

If someone came to me and said, “We’re removing Barack Obama from Office and we need you to pick a Republican candidate from those running for the nomination to replace him.” My gut response would be Newt Gingrich. I can see people now wondering, “What the hell has he been smoking,” but stop for a minute and forget the press and the personal baggage that disqualifies a candidate, and you’ll realize that Newt is the only one among the candidates who is actually smart enough to learn from history. He is a brilliant man and an astute thinker. He was Speaker of the House and he’s a History professor. He knows how to organize the legislative process and presided successfully on some of the most forward looking legislation to pass in this country in the last 100 years. Welfare Reform and Balancing the Budget were brilliant master strokes and he made Bill Clinton sign on thinking it was his own idea. He has experience and knowledge related to the country in its current state of disarray, both domestically and abroad, and he has the intellectual understanding to craft the best fix. He knows government and history and can cobble the two together efficiently and effectively, but of course all that certainly means he cannot win. Continue reading “Can The Best Man Win?” »

The Obama Legacy

Barack Obama does not impress me. I do not see brilliance as others claim but rather a dim man who does not understand or respect opposing points of view, or who can be persuaded by any weight of facts against him. I do not see intelligence, but rather a mind that is narrow in vision and limited in scope, and can dwell only on failed philosophies of tyrants and oppressors who have created for themselves a privileged life on the backs of those they swore to serve. I do not see a great orator, but rather a snake oil salesman who’s message is always the same. In truth, if the words are not displayed before him he cannot hold a train of thought. His words may change to suit his need, but the smell remains the same, and every word he speaks is fraught with lies and deceptions designed to fool the masses and convert them to his ways. In this he has been most successful and proven that at least 53% of Americans should be placed on the Darwin list; you know, too stupid to live. He sets one against the other using racism and political thuggery as a weapon to force people to his will. Continue reading “The Obama Legacy” »

The Truth About the Left

Examine speeches made by the left and a common theme arises. The Socialist state, Communist movement, or any form of government that limits peoples voice in the way members of government act will be praised and elevated as a scion or lofty goal we should point ourselves toward. What you don’t hear is the truth about the crushing poverty, starvation, and oppression the people living under these regimes endure so their leaders can live like the royalty they think they are. Continue reading “The Truth About the Left” »

“Darth Vader” and the Tea Party

This morning Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday inter-viewed Dick Cheney, the former Vice President, in relation to his recent book. It was a frank discussion between the two men and the Vice President was very coy in commenting on questions that did not show up the book. The Vice President was quite outspoken when asked whether Republican candidates might run away from the Tea Party and move more to the center in order to get elected. He reminded Wallace that the Tea Party was more than simply the activist who are visible to the media. Millions of Americans believe that government taxes and spends too much, is too intrusive in with respect to the lives and rights of citizens and the States, and doing more to damage capitalism and free markets. Clearly the people support the Tea Party in greater numbers than the politicians or media believes, but it is a core group of activist citizens who have been labeled as the face of the Tea Party. Continue reading ““Darth Vader” and the Tea Party” »