Monthly Archives: August 2011

Restoring Courage

Glenn Beck held the “Restoring Courage” rally yesterday, the culmination of a week long event. He went to Israel not to teach courage but to spotlight it. In spite of 3,000 years of oppression Israel remains a bastion of faith like that of Baldwin IV and Saladin a thousand years ago, giving refuge and religious freedom to Jew, Christian, and Muslim alike. In the face of the continuing violence and the slanders of world bodies that are supposed to be devoted to truth and justice, Israel moves unerringly forward with grace and dignity, her head held high. Continue reading “Restoring Courage” »

Why America Needs the Tea Party

Last night my wife and I watched a new movie called, “The Conspirator.” The plot  was written around the Lincoln assassination and the trial of three male and one female conspirator, Mary Surratt.  Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton set up a commission to try them but the trial was rigged and the outcome predetermined. The attorney defending Mrs. Surratt tried in vain to get a fair hearing for her. Eventually she was hanged. Clearly this is a Hollywood construct, but it begs a troubling set of questions. Continue reading “Why America Needs the Tea Party” »

Real Failures and The Future

The trouble with America over the last few decades can be seen as centered in the failure of the media to do its’ job.  Since the arrival of Ronald Reagan in the White House, the Print and Broadcast News Media has assumed unto itself an adversarial role that favors liberals and progressives, and literally against America and the American people. What was once the fourth estate, charged with being the watchdog of the people, and critical to guiding Americans in making effective choices  in government, has become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat party and moved closer to socialism and away from the founding fathers vision. Continue reading “Real Failures and The Future” »

Epic Failure Without Hope; We Need Change

The credit rating of the US was reduced by S&P because the mid-term debt was unsustainable. The left and the right had only just begun patting themselves on the back for the great job they did in the debt ceiling deal, when the blow fell and the rating fell from AAA to AA plus. Amazingly Obama had the absolute gall to claim that he had wanted a grand deal that would have averted this problem, but it was his insistence on more revenues, not cuts, that queered the deal and brought down the negotiations and the “grand deal.” Continue reading “Epic Failure Without Hope; We Need Change” »

The 51% Solution

Though many hesitate to use battle metaphors, clearly they provide some of the clearest understandings of the difference between victory and defeat. We stands on a threshold where people are waking up to some of the realities of what is being taken from them by the selfish and self centered actions of so called public servants in government who claim to operate in the peoples interest. What we have begun to realize is that they operate in their own interest and that it is time to bring about change and take back America for her people. Continue reading “The 51% Solution” »

America; Your Leaders Have Betrayed You Again!

Today, the morning after all the announcements and all the news commentary,  I sit feeling emotionally drained by this Debt Ceiling fight and survey the battlefield of ideas and what the battle has wrought. My conclusion is that we have been betrayed, and though politicians can do a happy dance because they have a sense of accomplishment, Americans nationwide have been sold yet another bill of goods and have been left at the table as they walk, out looking at the check. Continue reading “America; Your Leaders Have Betrayed You Again!” »