Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s Our Time Now

The country has come to a place where people are realizing the threat that government represents to the people. Since Barack Obama’s inauguration the country has descended from what should have been a relatively normal recession into an economic disaster of epic proportions. As the debate rages about the debt ceiling, it’s clear that democrats and the President are more focused on their own political interests than the debt problem and America’s economic health. Economic growth was down to .4% in the first quarter of this year and 1.3% in the second quarter. The economy is being strangled by taxes, regulation, and debt. Republicans, bolstered by Tea Party House members, have passed two responsible pieces of legislation to begin the process of healing the economy. They were shelved by Harry Reid and Senate democrats. Like Nero fiddling as Rome burned democrats and the President are playing political games while the country and the people suffer. Continue reading “It’s Our Time Now” »

The Crazy Man in The Room

“Reality, what a concept,” is the hallmark of Robin Williams reason.  As a concept it exists in the human mind and no where else. Individually it is the synthesis of mans conception and understanding. And so, whatever the majority holds to be true is in fact the truth. By controlling minds, society controls the truth as they perceive it. Continue reading “The Crazy Man in The Room” »